Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello September 2013, Hello School !

 Helloooo ! It's now September ! And I'm gonna be back to school in a couple days... yay... I found out not long ago that American students are already back to school ! anyway, I'm a bit lost...

 During the summer I don't wear any accessories because the point of spending good time for holidays is indeed to simply enjoy and feel free. Tiny details are just gonna make you feel that way such as the 'no make up days' or even when you're tanning, you don't want to keep your necklace and rings but once you're about to go back to school,  you'll just unpack everything !

 I know in the USA people often wear nerd glasses because yes, it is fun ! However it's not really considered that way here and I'm pretty disappointed about that. To my mind people aren't open-minded enough. I mean you should accept every style, right ?
Anyway, as I'm in love with the American style, I'm a bit stuck with the brand new waves of crop tops because I just love them but I can't wear them in Paris.

So, here are some necklaces I could wear very soon. It may sound quite weird but after two months of no-accessory I feel like, to wear them again will be uncomfortable nevertheless once you're gonna be used to it, everything will be alright !

As you can see I like simple jewels. I'm not a massive fan of bracelets. I'm actually looking for one but I won't wear more than one on my wrist. Conversely I really really like rings ! haha


  1. Paris !
    yeah haha thanks for your support !


  2. Ah school.. miss me! :)

  3. Jolie blog ! :)
    Je t'invite a faire un tour sur mon nouveau blog mode & photographie et à me suivre sur Instagram @nightdreamfashion

    Bye <3

  4. Nice!!


  5. Hey,
    sweet jewelry! :)

  6. Pretty accessories! :D


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