Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Nails

 Happy Christmas' Eve ! I'm sure everyone's super busy whether for the gifts or anything else, but I wanted to share what I did for my nails as we'll have a big dinner tonight. I was just kind of bored last night and I had to do my nails so I picked some shimmery/glittery colors I just bought recently. I'm still a novice but I'm pretty proud of the finished look haha.

Hope that you'll have fun tonight ! if you did some special christmas nail look, leave a comment and I'll go check it !!

Anna x

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inside Out Project

 Hello everyone ! Not long ago, I was surfing on the internet and I saw that a friend of mine posted a picture. It was about a project. I decided to check this out. I had no idea what it was but thanks to Google, I found out that this project was lead by a certain JR. Have you ever heard about this guy ? Well, I haven't. I checked his website and stuffs. Then I discovered that he owns the world's biggest art gallery. Okay. I'm such an ignorant. haha. Anyway, I saw that the day after was the last day of the project in Paris. It was around midnight and I had to look for all the information even if I had to sleep early if I wanted to "do the project".

 The day after : I arrived, quite early. It began at 1pm but I was there at 9am. Yeah I'm kinda crazy... Last time I miss "La Tour Paris 13" exhibition. Well, it wasn't really an exhibition but it's a tower which was about to be destroyed and one guy decided to invite more than 100 artists all over the world so they can make whatever they want on the walls. It was a street-art project. The entrance was free but people had to wait 8 hours !!!! I wanted to go twice but I fastly gave up when I saw the queue...
So this time, I arrived way before the beginning. Then I met a couple persons. It was nice but very cold too, so we decided to switch and go for a little walk when we were cold.

 What's the point ? The project consists in taking a picture with an expressive face. Then the picture comes out of the little van and then you can stick it or should I say paste it on the walls or on the floor just next to us. The pic is quite big as it is almost 1,50 meter long.

#followmyadventures haha
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xx Anna

Monday, November 25, 2013

Maison Georges Larnicol

 Hey guys, do you like chocolate ? I guess most of you do even if I've met some people who don't like that but anyway, let's ignore them cause they aren't normal haha

Born in Bretagne, the House Georges Larnicol remains faithful to its origins. Its whole production is realized in Melgven (South Finistère). After an atypical and artistic route, at the age of 30 Georges Larnicol follows the tracks of his father, at this time pastry cook.
Quimper marks the beginning of the adventure of the confectioner and chocolate maker Georges Larnicol with the opening of the first pastry in the 80s.
Facing the success, the soft madness Larnicol fast spread though the Bretagne, then the big West and finally gain the heart of Paris with the opening of a shop Boulevard Saint Germain in December 2010.
 Since his title of Better Worker of France in 1993, Georges Larnicol can't stop surprising with his creativity and his skills about the materials he works with. His values are the ones of the homemade knowledge and the choice of the used raw materials, so that the products are accessible to the largest public possible. According to him, the quality must be shared by all.

Everything looks so yummy right ? Well I tried some things, especially chocolate obviously and I'm now in love with the balls (no it doesn't sound wierd). No matter what you take, if it's chocolate, go on ! 

Anna x

Monday, November 18, 2013

Le Tricotin

 Adventures, adventures !

hello sweeties, I'm back again with another food/restaurant post !
I went to Le Tricotin with my dad and my sis. It's an Asian restaurant situated in the 13th district in Paris so yes it is located in the Chinese area.

There's often a lot of people here and the service is going pretty fast. You get your meals probably in about 10 min I guess ? very quickly. The food is very okay and the particularity is that it's not expensive ! If you want to order any kind of soup for instance, it will cost you only 7 or 8€ ! That's pretty much crazy !
You can find Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian.. food. Nevertheless the atmosphere is quite noisy but it doesn't bother me, so it really depends on people - what about you ? do you prefer silent or noisy places ?

#foodporn haha

Saturday, November 16, 2013


 My adventures are going on and ooooon ! haha

Alright, after being at Angelina, we joined another friend, then we decided to go to a restaurant. We wanted first to eat in a Korean restaurant but when we saw the menu and especially the prices... well maybe in the future haha. No, the one that is the closest is pretty expensive but a friend of mine told me that he went in a Korean restaurant not long ago and it was pretty good and not that expensive so maybe next time !

Anyway, then we decided to go to a Greek restaurant. I usually order a gyros but you know, when I'm good with something I don't wanna change except that this evening I wanted to taste something else. So I decided to order a moussaka ! I didn't really know what it was and how it tasted. I really like that, it's pretty yummy and I find it very healthy (i hope haha) beause it's full of vegetables !

Stay tuned if you want to follow my adventures !!!
mouah ! xx

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 Hello there, today I wanted to talk to you about a famous tea room / pâtisserie in Paris named Angelina. Many famous people such as Proust, Coco Chanel, french designers... spent their time here. It is well known for its Mont Blanc and its hot chocolate L'Africain.

 The Mont Blanc is a cake combining meringue, light whipped cream and chesnut cream vermicelli. What is crazy is the number of Mont Blanc that are sold every day : 600 !

 The hot chocolate called L'Africain is actually something classic in the outside but the richness of the famous old-fashioned hot chocolate, together with its small pot of whipped cream, has always delighted young and old alike.

 When we arrived - I was with one of my friend - I immediatly fell in love with the decoration, it really emphasizes the French way of life. The inside is very beautiful, elegant and poetic. It was such a moment of pleasure ! 

Last thing, 2013 is the 110th anniversary of Angelina ! yaay
I would definitely recommend this place if you're in vacation, just give it a go, nevertheless the prices are a bit high compared to casual pastry and hot chocolate. 
L'Africain is around 8€ and the Mont Blanc around 9.

Happy to share these things with you guys !

Love xx

Sweet Stuffs

 Helloooo everyone !

I love food. You love food. We love food. I decided to focus myself on ... FOOD.
There's a cute bakery where we often buy baguettes and pastry ! Especially one is super yummy, the one with raspberries.

Look how yumyum it is !!!

And what about chocolate fondant ??

Then it became something like a habit, sweeties on sundays haha

Never forget fruits !

Do you like sweet food ? tell me if you're like me, if you're really interested in art of cooking and in discovering new sweet things ! :)

Anna xx

Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Back !

 Hey girls, it's a month that I haven't posted yet and I'm very sorry but it was a month of hard hard work and I came to make a decision. I may be not talking about that right now but things are changing at the moment and I can post again !

 As I said, this month was very very busy but I managed to do some interesting stuff though haha. First of all, the opening of the first Forever 21 in Paris !

 Of course I went there and I actually found a lot of cute things ! I'm actually a bit weird cause here in Paris, the weather isn't very sunny right...and guess what I did ? I bought a dress, a short and a jumper... very logical... 
I think I'll go back there pretty soon haha

 As I have much more time to spend at the moment, I'm just gonna try stuffs and discover new products, new places, restaurants etc.

You can always follow me on Instagram where I'm posting pictures very often ! :p

PS : This post was just to remind all of you that I'm still here and not giving up anything :)

much love xx

Sunday, September 29, 2013

When You Need To Change Your Mind

 Hey everyone ! Do you sometimes feel happy ? sad ? angry ? mad ? bored ? yes of course because we're all human beings ! Each of us has his own way to change his mind. Some of you may hang out, others may eat, drink, dance, sing, scream, cry ... and there are people like me who are just very random because I'm simply unpredictable... Yesterday I found some pictures on the internet and I don't even know who took them but I was shocked because it was such an emotional moment : I was just stuck in front of my laptop because the pictures just took me away from earth haha. It may sound weird but really. I didn't know this feeling before and it was pretty strange even though I like it !

Credit to the protographer of course but I'm sorry I don't know who this is...

Anyway how do you feel now ? :p

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cheap Shoes

 Hey guys ! Here's a little story last year I went to vacations to visit East Europe and I found out that in my group, a chinese woman had a little shop just next to my place ! I knew this shop and I'd say that the world is waaay too little haha
Anyway since this journey I go to her shop sometimes and it's very very cheap. Last year, I bought a pair of red ballet shoe, they were incredibly comfortable, then I bought another pair in another model and in blue, this one hurt my feet but now they're also very comfy and the thing I bought is a pair of moccasin. I know it's weird because it looks like only old women wear these but actually I saw a young girl wearing an orange pair and I was like it looks pretty on her ! So I saw them in my friend's shop and I wanted the purple ones but guess what, no more my shoe size... okay... then I took the blue ones and I wore them a day and they were also very comfy so I decided to buy the same one in purple for my mom because she had my mom's size. And anyway, if they break I won't be sad or what, indeed one of these cost me 7€ so it's really really not a big deal. Here are they :

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Weakness / Péché Mignon

 Hello everybody ! Are you like me ? Do you have something that you like a loooot and can't get over it ? Especially when it comes to food, I'm pretty weak haha. It actually depends on the season. Yes okay I'm weird, but really, in Winter I eat like I've never eaten before haha it's pretty funny and in Summer I almost don't eat anything...

Well, do you know what Nutella is ? Of course, who doesn't ? I mean it is soooo good right ? Anyway, a bit of Nutella in the morning ? in the afternoon ? It's just delicious !!!!
I almost have to stop myself because with some french baguette, I just can't. I would die haha

what's your péché mignon ??

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Gift From GrandMa

 Hey girls, my grandma just went back from Shanghai. She was in holidays here and bought me a beautiful gold bracelet. As it is pretty expensive, I'm always worried about losing stuffs. What if you're walking and you suddenly realize that something is missing and then you're feeling so bad because it was expensive and so on...?? You're just stressing and stressing, and it's bad for you. So I think I'm just gonna wear it for some special occasions.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lady Million by Paco Rabane

 Hello girls ! today I just wanted to tell you more about my all time favorite perfume. It is as you can guess Lady Million by Paco Rabane. I found out this a couple years ago I guess and I just fell in love with it. I first just bought a little one and you know the little one has a kind of a top that you have to take off when you want to spray it. I found the packaging so so cute, it's gold and I just love it, what else.
Then, once I've finished it, of course, I bought another one. And this time, the big one. Moreover, the packaging of the big one is different because you don't need to remove the top to spray it, but you just push on the top.
Well, I'm not very good at describing perfumes, I'm actually so so bad but it smells like a mix of a lot of fruits maybe ? well I'd say : orange, raspberry, honey, ... okay I'm gonna stop it right now cause I don't know how to describe it by the scents, but I can say that it looks very fresh, sensual and "femme fatale".

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Green Tea

 Hello everyone ! I've been very tired lately, indeed I feel like my days are all the same... Getting up for school, stuyding at school, doing homeworks, sleeping. That's probably everything... There's one thing I feel uncomfortable with : when I get hungry and my stomach is gurgling... well especially when it's very very silent in the classroom... The problem is I'm not hungry in the morning, I'm having breakfast but I can't eat very much so I have to take a cereal bar in my bag so around 10:30am during our pause I can eat a little something.

 Otherwise, I really really like having a cup of tea or a hot drink in the morning but also in the afternoon. Sometimes also when I'm watching TV.
I love tea, how about you ?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Erborian BB & CC Cream

 Hello everybody ! It's been now a couple weeks I bought two products from Erborian. Indeed I took a BB cream and a CC cream.
So they look like that :

What do I think about them ? Well first, I use the CC cream where I need on my face and then I put some BB cream because it is tinted and it makes my face a little bit more alive. Both have a SPF so it's pretty good. So now, I'd say that I just LOVE them and particularly the CC cream but if you can get both, it would be perfect. Now a little detail : you will be completely satisfied if you don't need a lot of coverage. I only have some red zones on my face around my cheeks but I don't think it will cover the spots because it's very very lightweight. The texture is really enjoyable and what about the scent ? well it smells like a sweet cream, very pleasant. It litteraly smells very good.

In a nutshell, I just love love love it ! a drawback maybe ? the price ! It costs 35€... :(

xx love ya

Friday, September 6, 2013

Starbucks Discoveries

 Hello everyone ! I feel like I'm gonna a looooot of work now. I hope I can post here (crossing fingers). Anyway last time I was with my mom and I found something... interesting ? new ? weird ? It's actually a Starbucks drink that you can find in a  supermarket and not in a Starbucks Coffee.

This thing is very very new and I've never seen something like that before and it looks like that :

I would describe it like half a drink, half a yogurt. Honestly I still prefer the real ones ! Have you tested it yet ? Do you like Starbucks ?
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