Sunday, July 7, 2013

One Month Anniversary !

 Hey guuurls ! It's been now one month since I've created this blog, time goes so fast !
I planned so many things to share with you but I have to find the time to prepare all of this, I'm so excited !!!!

 As music means a lot for me, I'm about to share with you my little secrets... Have you got any ideas ? Well, okay, I don't know if you're gonna recognize them but I'm gonna post some of my best memories of last year !
 Here it is :

 Last year, I got the chance to meet One Direction on Valentine's Day. It was incredible, they are so so nice ! I had a good laugh with them !
February 2012 - One Direction

February 2012 - One Direction

 Here is actually an extra, as if you probably know, Matt Lanter isn't a singer but I met him though.
May 2012 - Matt Lanter

  Then, The Wanted, probably one of my best encounter because I was in the backstage and I had a lot of fun with them. They are so funny and nice ! Anyway, it was amazing ! I really hope I can meet them again !
July 2012 - The Wanted

 After that, Lawson. I don't know if you know them but it's a very cool group. I really really like them. Very nice aswell ! Check out their music if you have time !
July 2012 - Lawson

 Conor Maynard ! Very nice guy ! He's really fun too ! Such good memorie !
September 2012 - Conor Maynard

 The beautiful Carly Rae Jepsen with the famous "Call Me Maybe". She is so cute !!!
September 2012 - Carly Rae Jepsen
 What is the point of this ? There is just one thing you should consider in life : don't judge if you don't know because each of us has his own tastes whether it is about music or food or anything. People can think why does she like them ? And that's why I'm telling you all of this. No matter who you like or what you like, try to understand that the others won't like similar things and that's what the world is made of ! Just be yourself ! It's all about diversity ! 
 I met a lot of celebrities and it happened a couple times that I didn't know them before nevertheless I got to know them taking no account of their music or whatever they do and that's beautiful because most of the time they are all super nice ! I musn't like what they're doing to like their personnality because it's two different things.

 Hope you enjoyed it ! This is acually a non-exaustive list haha
I would like to share more about people I met and stuffs about music but I don't really know if you guys are as much as I'm excited about these things so if you could tell me more about what you think, leave a comment bellow to let me know !

 Thank you for all the lovely comments you're leaving, I read all of them but I just don't have the time to reply to everybody :S
Don't forget to add me to your GFC !!

much love,
Anna x


  1. great post!

    you're so lucky meeting all these people :)
    i met biebs once haha

    also well done on your month anniversary :)


    1. I met Justin something like 4 times I think haha
      thanks !

      Anna x

  2. wow how did you get to meet so many celebrities? congrats on your 1 month blog anniversary :)

    MI Vivere

  3. Great post! Lovely photos!

  4. great post! your blog is lovely, following :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  5. Wow! You are so lucky!!! How did you get to meet them? So happy that I stumbled across your blog- new follower :)

  6. So cool! Who was your favorite One-Directioner?

    -Maddy @

  7. happy anniversary, you know so many famous people! ;)

    Leyla xx

  8. Wow, you met indeed interesting people! And congrats <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  9. Great blog! Now following :)

    check me out here spreadfashionblog

  10. Lovely :-)
    You know a lot of famous people, that's great :-P

    Have a lovely day and congrats


    Piera Anastasia

  11. wow!!!!!! i love all these pics! it's amazing you have met all these famous people :D i was wondering if you would like to follow me on gfc and bloglovin... i will surely follow you back! Let me know! :D

    fashion blog miriam stella

  12. Great pics! this looks like a lot of fun :)

  13. I like your blog so much!!! I am following you now! Hope you can follow me back dear :)

  14. I would like to personally invite you to join my GIVEAWAY!!! :)
    It will take a minute!

  15. you look so beautiful! Hugs from Germany :)

  16. Omg !! You meet awesome people !! Envy !! Are you reporter or working on entertainment? Or just as coincidence meet them all? Lovely xxo

    1. Oh not at all ! I just finished highscool actually haha
      I'm just very lucky !! :)

      Anna x

  17. Hi Anna, your blog is amazing and Im so jealous that you met One Direction (big Directioner over here ;D ). How did you get to meet all these people? Are all these pictures from meet & greets? :) xxx


  18. Omgg How amazing you got to meet all those lovely people I've seen Conor Maynard live before he was amazingg but I never got to actually meet him I saw on your previous comment your not like a journalist or anything so you must be veryy lucky hun xox

  19. Hey there pretty! You're so luckyyyyy meeting them! :)
    Smize with Style

  20. Wow how come you meet so many celebrities?

  21. You're so lucky to meet everyone above!!!! <3 You look awesome in all the pictures too! :)

  22. OGM you met One Direction and all thoses celebrities.
    Hahahaha you must be very lucky !
    Im jealous but anyway I LIKE THAT.


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