Wednesday, July 3, 2013

M.A.C. Pigments

 Hey there ! Have you ever heard of something called pigment ? Well, pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. It creates a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. As you can guess, pigments are pigmented !
I really like them because they are easy to blend and long-lasting !

 I've got two of these little babies : on the left, we have a pink pigment, Kitschmas, and on the right a white one, Reflects Pearl. I got the second one during the Wonder Woman collection. I gotta say they are very usefull if you want to brighten your skin whether on your eyelids or even on your chest. It gives you a pretty shiny effect. 
 I usually put some on the inner corner of the eye or on the eyeshadows, but you also can spread a tiny bit at décolleté level when you're about to go to a party !
 You can be sure that you'll keep them for a long time ! I can't wait to have more of these !! Have you ever tried some ? Do you like them as much as I do ?? Let me know !


  1. I nominated you for the liebster award... take a look at my latest post!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  2. MAC pigments are super pretty and quite versatile but I'm personally not a fan. Except for powder/mineral foundation, I am not a fan of loose products.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Thank you for sharing these girl and for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

  4. The wonderwomean pigments is one of my favourites!


  5. Nice!

  6. I’ve wanted to try this for ages after reading about it on other blogs. It sounds brilliant. I’m just have to give in and get it aren’t I? Haha. Love the blog xxx


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