Monday, July 29, 2013


 Hello people ! As it has been very hot here in Paris, and probably everywhere now at this period of the year, we all need to drink, it's very essential to hydrate your body !

Yesterday I was shopping with my mom and I got very very thursty and I decided to grab some of these and I took the AriZona (1992, Brooklyn)  Pomegranate Green Tea.
You know this drink at least by the beautiful packaging. Look at how lovely they are !! Nevertheless I've seen many people saying they're pretty expensive but I got one bottle of 500mL for 1,40€ whereas we can also find them for 2,50€ but everything depends on where you buy them.

What's good in there ?
green tea with all its benefits (antioxidants, polyphenols, cathechins, flavonoids wether it's hot or iced tea !!)

What's bad in there ?
too much sugar ?

BUT it's a no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives drink !

I think I already tested the Green Tea with honey but it was probably a long time ago so I don't really remember the taste... but between all of them (green/lemon/pomegranate/peach/blueberry white tea) I would like to try the lemon and the peach ones because I just love lemon and peach and it'll be interesting to see how the drinks look like.

To be honest I won't drink these very often because of the sugar but I won't say no once in a while. It'll be good if there are sugar free AriZona drinks in France. Anyway I think I'll go for the traditional green tea coming from China, lot more healthy ! :)

Have you tried them yet ? Do you like AriZona drinks ?

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  1. Looks great!


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  3. Great post! XoXo

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  4. green tea has always been my fav!
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  5. Really lovely bottle and good taste!

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    Piera Anastasia

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    I love this icetea!!
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  7. I love this drinks :)


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