Monday, July 29, 2013


 Hello people ! As it has been very hot here in Paris, and probably everywhere now at this period of the year, we all need to drink, it's very essential to hydrate your body !

Yesterday I was shopping with my mom and I got very very thursty and I decided to grab some of these and I took the AriZona (1992, Brooklyn)  Pomegranate Green Tea.
You know this drink at least by the beautiful packaging. Look at how lovely they are !! Nevertheless I've seen many people saying they're pretty expensive but I got one bottle of 500mL for 1,40€ whereas we can also find them for 2,50€ but everything depends on where you buy them.

What's good in there ?
green tea with all its benefits (antioxidants, polyphenols, cathechins, flavonoids wether it's hot or iced tea !!)

What's bad in there ?
too much sugar ?

BUT it's a no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives drink !

I think I already tested the Green Tea with honey but it was probably a long time ago so I don't really remember the taste... but between all of them (green/lemon/pomegranate/peach/blueberry white tea) I would like to try the lemon and the peach ones because I just love lemon and peach and it'll be interesting to see how the drinks look like.

To be honest I won't drink these very often because of the sugar but I won't say no once in a while. It'll be good if there are sugar free AriZona drinks in France. Anyway I think I'll go for the traditional green tea coming from China, lot more healthy ! :)

Have you tried them yet ? Do you like AriZona drinks ?

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nivea Creme

 Hey there ! How is everything doing ?
Today I wanted to talk to you about an all purpose product : the Nivea Creme. You may probably know it because it's a basic. This cream is really really mosturizing but also pretty thick ! I know some people don't like thick products so if you're in this case don't buy this creme.

Why is it "all purpose" ? simply because when I finished a mosturiser and I don't have time to buy another one right away, I know I can use the Nivea Creme whether it is for my face or even for my body, this product works very well ! It's true that once on your face you have to wait a few minutes so the cream can really become soaked with you skin but I would highly recommend it ! At first I didn't like the fact that it is very thick but when I saw how good this product was, everything's forgotten.

 A couple advices : if you have a zone of dry skin, just put some on the area and it's done, it's also very usefull if your skin is sensitive in winter ! Nevertheless after your shower or your bath, be sure to not put the cream on a clean and dry skin, don't worry there's nothing dangerous or what, it's just because it's very difficult to spread it on a wet skin !

Oh ! and yes ! it smells soooo good !

 So yeah I just finished a cream jar ...

... but I have another one ! yaay !

Have you tried this product yet ? Do you like it ?

much love,
Anna x

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Sales - Clothing Haul

Hello sweeties, here is another post for the summer sales series ! Today it's aaaall about clothes ! There are a couple things I won't post here because I've planned to do something else with them sooo you'll see !

The first thing I bought is a very short top I got from Maje and I really really like it because I like the US style and in Paris, people don't really wear these kind of things and I don't know I just fell in love with it when I saw  it ! It has a zip in the back and I just like the combination of the black and the pastel pink together.

Second thing, recently I've been very influenced by the british style also. I've been loving the Peter Pan collars and since then I'm always looking for tops with pp collars ! It kind of became an obsession ! What I also like with this top is the flounce at the bottom which gives a little flowy aspect. I got this one from Claudie Pierlot !

 Now we have a random I love Paris vest/tank top I got from Monoprix and if you  know what it is you will probably be surprised by all the things we can find here and for those who don't know, it's actually a little french retailing compagny but not as big as Target for example. Anyway, you can find loads of things like foods, clothes, skin care and make up products... I got this for only 1,50€ ! Isn't it crazy ?

 The next following things are also from Monoprix and I was so surprised by the clothes because to my mind they are doing better things each year ! I actually got them in the man section because they don't have the same things at all in the woman section. The first one is a grey jumper with yellow elbow pads then the second one is a simply mint jumper, finally we have a blue cardigan with brown elbow pads. Guess what ? I got them for respectively 6€, 5€ and 8€ instead of 35€ for the first two and 55€ for the last one ! I was just standing there gaping ! I don't care if they're a little too big but it just gives a tiny side of the boyfriend style if you see what I mean.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Sales - Skin Care Haul

 Hello everybody, I'm back today with the second part of the summer sales series. This time, it's about skin care. As you all know, I litteraly fell in love with L'Occitane ! (you can check out one of my old post about it here) You may guess now that I went to a L'Occitane shop and ... here is what happened :

You got it ??
So let's start !

- Bonne Mère Gentle Cream for Face, Body and Hands, Savor Honey, 14,00€ 8,40€
Very usefull if you don't want a cream for each part of your body, you have all you need in there, in one product !

- Shea Hand Cream, Dry Skin, 7,00€

Duo Hand Cream, Rose Petals and Date Bouquet, 14,00€ 8,40€

- Trio Hand Cream, Mango Flower, Date Bouquet and Rose Petals, 21,00€ 12,60€

Green Tea Hand Cream and Green Tea Soap, 10,00€ 6,00€

- 2 Delicious Soap, Savor Almond, Cleansing and Exfoliating + Cherry Blossom Soap + Rose Bath Sope, 13,00€

Now, a little something more, when you go to a L'Occitane shop, you can register yourself, then about two weeks later you will receive an invitation card which allow you to get these three little products for any purchase ! You will be able to try these three best sellers.

 All the products I got just smell so so nice !!! Nevertheless there is something I wanted to know, is there any L'Occitane shop in your country ? Let me know !! You may have some surprises later ! Stay tuned !

Much Love x

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Sales - Make Up Haul

 Hey there ! It's still summer sales period now and I wanted to show you some bargains I found !

 - Sephora Eyeshadows 10,90€ 2,00€
 I currently don't need any other eyeshadows but when I saw the price I was like okay well, you don't even need to think, just buy some ! No matter if they're good or not, I thought I could try them though and whatever it's only 2,00€ !!! who cares ?
So I saw these beautiful colors and they're actually pretty pigmented but the only drawback would be the fact that once on your brush, you have to force a little bit so the eyeshadow can be applied to your eyelids. I would highly recommend these to everybody and especially to people who are just starting because they are really really not expensive ! Besides, I think I'll probably get some more !

the purple one is Tango Night n°35 and the pink one is Lesson of Seduction n°89

 - Clarins Ombre Minérale 4 Couleurs 43,50€ 30,45€
I've never tried Clarins eyeshadows and I thought why not try them ? I saw this cute little kit and I fell in love with the colors ! You have a very light and beautiful mauve, then you have a shiny white color for the highlight in the inner corner of the eye or under the eyebrows, after that you have a dark plum, and finally a lavender color.

 If you want to purchase nice things during the sales, you definitly should go (run !) to Sephora ! Last time I went to a Sephora shop, there were soooo many people here ! I also had -20% on everything so imagine how many things you can buy ?! 

 - MAC Let's Skate paintpot 18,00€
 As you all know there isn't any sales for the MAC products but anyway my lovely sis gave me another one because she knows I love them so much ! 
Let's Skate is a light pinky color with some gold glitters. I picture it with Bare Study and Chilled on Ice so you can compare the colors. 

 Chilled on Ice is on the top, it's a gold mixed with a touch of pink. Then we have Bare Study which is a bright beige/champagne, and eventually my new one is a pearly candy pink.

 I hope you enjoyed this haul. It maybe gave you some ideas. See you next time ! 
Love y'all !!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sunny Days

 Hello everyone ! As these days in Paris have been sooo sunny, I wanted to share with you some pictures I took (I love them) ! The temperature reached 30°C and I've been dying ! I can't even go out without sweating and being dehydrated in a couple second ! I'm already so hot at home therefore if you can imagine outside ?!? This is pretty funny because my mom arrived and asked me and how do you do when you're in Shanghai ?? it's at least 35°C out there !!!!! To be honest, I don't know ! When I'm in Shanghai I don't go for a walk... ever ! I just stay at home with the air conditioning or go to the big shopping malls. I think I should go to the swimming pool someday... 
 Can you handle the hot weather easily ? What do you do when it's very hot outside ?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One Month Anniversary !

 Hey guuurls ! It's been now one month since I've created this blog, time goes so fast !
I planned so many things to share with you but I have to find the time to prepare all of this, I'm so excited !!!!

 As music means a lot for me, I'm about to share with you my little secrets... Have you got any ideas ? Well, okay, I don't know if you're gonna recognize them but I'm gonna post some of my best memories of last year !
 Here it is :

 Last year, I got the chance to meet One Direction on Valentine's Day. It was incredible, they are so so nice ! I had a good laugh with them !
February 2012 - One Direction

February 2012 - One Direction

 Here is actually an extra, as if you probably know, Matt Lanter isn't a singer but I met him though.
May 2012 - Matt Lanter

  Then, The Wanted, probably one of my best encounter because I was in the backstage and I had a lot of fun with them. They are so funny and nice ! Anyway, it was amazing ! I really hope I can meet them again !
July 2012 - The Wanted

 After that, Lawson. I don't know if you know them but it's a very cool group. I really really like them. Very nice aswell ! Check out their music if you have time !
July 2012 - Lawson

 Conor Maynard ! Very nice guy ! He's really fun too ! Such good memorie !
September 2012 - Conor Maynard

 The beautiful Carly Rae Jepsen with the famous "Call Me Maybe". She is so cute !!!
September 2012 - Carly Rae Jepsen
 What is the point of this ? There is just one thing you should consider in life : don't judge if you don't know because each of us has his own tastes whether it is about music or food or anything. People can think why does she like them ? And that's why I'm telling you all of this. No matter who you like or what you like, try to understand that the others won't like similar things and that's what the world is made of ! Just be yourself ! It's all about diversity ! 
 I met a lot of celebrities and it happened a couple times that I didn't know them before nevertheless I got to know them taking no account of their music or whatever they do and that's beautiful because most of the time they are all super nice ! I musn't like what they're doing to like their personnality because it's two different things.

 Hope you enjoyed it ! This is acually a non-exaustive list haha
I would like to share more about people I met and stuffs about music but I don't really know if you guys are as much as I'm excited about these things so if you could tell me more about what you think, leave a comment bellow to let me know !

 Thank you for all the lovely comments you're leaving, I read all of them but I just don't have the time to reply to everybody :S
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much love,
Anna x

Thursday, July 4, 2013

1 000 views !


Helloooooo !!!!
Hopefully I was on my Macbook when I saw this !!!
It happened just a few seconds ago !
I just hit 1 000 views !
I'm so happy, you have no idea how much that means to me,
I want to thank every single one of you, 
thank you for being here,
thank you for commenting,
just a simply thank you for everything !

I really hope we can share more things 
and I will do everything I can to continue.
I wish we can still walk part of the way together
indeed we are now kind of a family :D

See you soon, new things coming !
Much love,
Anna x

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

M.A.C. Pigments

 Hey there ! Have you ever heard of something called pigment ? Well, pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. It creates a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. As you can guess, pigments are pigmented !
I really like them because they are easy to blend and long-lasting !

 I've got two of these little babies : on the left, we have a pink pigment, Kitschmas, and on the right a white one, Reflects Pearl. I got the second one during the Wonder Woman collection. I gotta say they are very usefull if you want to brighten your skin whether on your eyelids or even on your chest. It gives you a pretty shiny effect. 
 I usually put some on the inner corner of the eye or on the eyeshadows, but you also can spread a tiny bit at décolleté level when you're about to go to a party !
 You can be sure that you'll keep them for a long time ! I can't wait to have more of these !! Have you ever tried some ? Do you like them as much as I do ?? Let me know !

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Nailpolishes

   Hello July, hello beautiful people, how are you doing ??

Today I'm going to tell you a bit more about the nailpolishes I use. As they especially are Mavala, I won't talk about the OPI ones... I mean, maybe a tiny bit.

Here is my little collection which will grow little by little in the future ! For those who don't know this brand, in a nutshell, Mavala is a swiss cosmetics brand created by Madeleine van Landeghem in 1958.
 I've never tried their make-up or anything else except the nailpolishes and that's what they are well-known for. You can find a lot of colours and I think these little bottles are enough because nailpolishes are like rubbers, I've never finished one ! Do you wanna talk about the OPI nailpolishes ? Okay, they do have very nice colours but does the price worth it ? I seriously don't know...

I prepared something that will remind you of an old post. If you follow me from the beginning, you'll understand right away, otherwise... it's about Four Seasons ! I think it's a pretty good idea, so I'm gonna do it again with the nailpolishes !

Dark colours for Winter are the best !



Nude colours for Spring are enough !



Flashy colours are out for Summer !


Simple colours in the shades of Autumn !


 Of course here are just some ideas ! You can also mix the colours or whatever makes you fall in love with nailart !
What do you think about nailpolishes ? What brand do you use ? Tell me more !

Kisses x
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