Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of August, End of Holidays, End of Summer

 Hello everyone, everything is coming to an end and yes, summer 2013 is about to end.
Hopefully this school year is gonna be very productive as I'm planning to start making Youtube videos. Nevertheless I have to wait until I get my schedule so I can organize everything. I already have a list of some ideas about what I'm going to film but if you have any ideas, just let me know because I'm doing it for myself but also for you so your opinion is very important for me as well ! It can be anything : make-up or hair tutorials, ootd, fotd, routines, what I wear for school, what I like or dislike, what I use for my skin, but also talking about several subjects like school, internet...

Have you planned new things for this upcoming school year ?

Goodbye August !

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meet My Friend Kris !

 Hey guys, so today I was just hanging out with one of my closest friend... Kris !
This post is gonna be quite short indeed I just wanted to share his outfit of the day because I found it very very chic and fashion and anyway, let's see it !

So yeah here it is ! I really really like how he paired his blue checked shirt with this gorgeous jacket. This dark blue fits very well with the gold buttons.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Maje, About To Crack Up

 Giiiiirls, you know what ? Something bad happened. If you don't know it yet then I'm telling you that Maje is my favourite brand. What I did today was... bad. I went to a Maje shop but hopefully I didn't have any money on me. I just fell in love with the whole new Autumn/Winter collection !! So many beautiful pieces ! This new collection is very rock and I actually really like it !

 I NEED YOU. Why ? I need your advice ! I'm gonna make a wishlist just down bellow and I want you to tell me which one do you prefer and you're gonna list the clothes so I can have some ideas of your opinions !

1°) It's a grey vest/tank top but the little plus is that the straps are made of leather what I really like because I like simple things but with awesome details !

2°) Here is a gorgeous corset I really really like ! look at the details !

3°) This is a purple cardigan and the sleeves are made of lether ! Simple but amazing !

4°) Yes it is a cardigan and not a perfecto ! but it's done on purpose and that's why it's beautiful !

5°) This is a black dress and I don't know if you can see the several seams at the level of the shoulders and the chest but I like it !

6°) Another dress ! I looove this kind of dark red colour ! and the patch at the level of the shoulders are quite transparent : that makes it so special !

7°) Next step : the combishort. I've been recently really into combishorts and this one is simply gorgeous !

8°) Last but not least, this croco pattern pair of trousers/pants is crazy, indeed the printed front and the plain back look so amazing together !
(what about the shoes btw ?)

 Which one is your favorite ? Let me know because I can't get all of them right away but only one by one, slowly... Just list it with the numbers ( the one you like the most -> the one you like the less).


Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Civil Service

 Hey guys ! So today I went to the photo booth because I need some passport photos. I don't know if you like that but I'm always stressed like 'what if I don't look well on the pictures' because this thing is gonna stay a looooong time on your identity card !
 I hate every administrative procedure. You always have to wait a looooong time. Last time I waited something like 2 hours just to let the woman write my name and address down ! I mean 2 hours and she just wrote my name and address, it took her 20sec ! okay okay stay calm Anna. My dad told me that I had to be patient because I had no choice and that's right, he's right.
Anyway, I'd like to know if you're as patient as me (joke) and how you handle all of this haha.

Monday, August 19, 2013

2 Days Abroad

 Hello girls ! So I went on the french coast in Normandy for 2 days. My dad drove about 3/4 hours starting from Paris, where I live. Let me tell you something : I hated car journeys but this time, it was okay. I used to fell sick in cars but I was with my family and we tried to make the time goes faster with my siblings by singing, laughing etc.
 Around midday, I ate a salad that I prepared in the morning. I often eat salads when the weather is quite hot, I don't know why, probably because it's not heavy at all.

 Once we arrived there, we recognized the place, indeed we already went here a couple years ago. We first went to the beach, there were a loooot of people ! It was very hot, the sun shone.
Then my dad drove us to several little cities on the coast. We stopped a foew times so we could enjoy the places.
Finally for dinner, we found a nice place in a city we know. We went to the first restaurant we saw. The restaurant was full of people ! As my brother's favorite dish is  mussels & chips, we order this but other things too. There was so many people that the service was very slow. The food was pretty okay but we didn't keep a good memory of this restaurant. We were pretty lucky because there was a table of 6, their dishes arrived something about 45min-1hour after us whereas they arrived before us !!
Last but not least, we saw fireworks for the 15th of August (national holiday in France).

 The next day, we were up very very early and we saw the sunrise, it was soooo beautiful !!! Then we found a market, it was super cute and everything was sooo cheap compared to Paris !! We bought some fruits, vegetables, flowers...
After a while, we decided to go to the beach again. We went in the water wit my lil bro, and I was so surprised to see... FISHES ! I was like "oh my gosh, look !!!" We followed them but unfortunately we lost them right away...
Then we played cards but suddenly it began to rain ! The rain was soooo cold !
At last, for dinner this day, we decided to go to the restaurant just next to the 1st one and guess what ? oh my gosh, it was soooo delicious and especially the mussels and the ice cream ! So give it a go if you go to Courseulles Sur Mer, it is called Bistrot de l'Europe, I definitely recommend this restaurant ! but be careful because they're always full !!! so try to go early if you want to eat there haha !

 Here is the couple days in pictures - Instagram missannatai

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lancel - Premier Flirt

 Hey guys ! Here is another one of my wallet collection, cause, you know I love wallets !!
I got this one from Lancel : it's a famous lether goods house founded in Paris in 1876 by Angèle Lancel, then developped by her son Alfred. The promotion of their bags are often related to famous actresses such as Isabelle Adjani and Brigitte Bardot.

To my mind this wallet is perfect if you want to go out ! It's very chic and the cute little froufrou gives a fun touch !

The characteristics :
- 1 zipped purse
- 1 banknote compartment
- 2 multifunction pockets
- 12 card slots

Do you like it ? Which one is your favorite ? Marc Jacobs VS Lancel ! Lemme know !

love ya !

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Favorite Wallet

 Hello my lovely angels ! Is everything alright for you holidays ?
There is something I always carry on me. And it's my wallet ! I actually always have loooads of things in my bag and my wallet is actually full of cards and stuffs, not always usefull... yeah. I'm weird. At the moment I have like 2 pictures of baby-me like wtf ? go figure... another thing, I always have notes in there, I mean yeah it's a wallet, BUT, I never put changes in my wallet. I don't know in my head changes are gonna dirty my lovely baby. Obviously I have underground/subway tickets 'cause I don't have a pass, indeed I don't often take the bus or the subway : I hate that, sooo many weird people omgggg heeelp (are you like me??). I really really like walking however when I'm tired or when the route is too long I have no choice.

 Marc Jacobs, just love everything they do. You know it riiiight. :)

Marc Jacobs - Classic Q

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Le Petit Marseillais

 I don't know if you have ever heard of this brand but it's well known in France. And as you all know I like to sum up the brands very quickly so Le Petit Marseillais is a soap, shower gel and shampoo brand. Very famous in France because it's from the south of France, Marseille. When you close your eyes, you just smell the nature. Their products embody the values of the South and the Mediterranean namely authenticity, proximity and joy of living.

 To my mind the products are perfect for the kids or the teenagers because once you're adult, you will really want to care and protect your hair and skin, things that you cannot always do due to the price of the products if you want them to be effective (Kérastase or any other brands like this). So it's pretty cool because there's a wide range of shampoo according to the type of your hair, thick, brittle, curly etc. but also about the scents, apricot, apple, olive milk, jasmin extract, grapefruit, lemon, walnut oil, mint, raspberry and lot lot moooore !!!!!

 On the pictures, both are shower gels, they smell very good but I prefer the red one which is cotton milk (what is thaat??? how???) and poppy. So fresh and sweet and soft and... anyway I just love it ! If you can find them, just give it a try ! They aren't super pricey.
 About the soaps, omg I just want to smell them every single second of my days ! I can't live without them. I just can't. I love them.

Love youuu xx

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

~ Foulards ~

 Are you used to wear scarfs ? They have been everywhere lately.
Here are different ways to use them :

Around the neck

On the head as a bandana

You can also try different hairstyles
or even on your handbag

And what about you ? how do you like to use them ? let me know !

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nuxe Rêve de Miel

 Hello August 2013 ! Today girls I wanted to tell you more about Rêve de Miel  from Nuxe. First of all you must know that it's very very very important to hydrate your skin and especially your face ! You need to hydrate your face no matter if you're gonna wear make up or not. This one is a day cream but Nuxe has also a night cream that I haven't tried yet.

 The smell is very nice, delicate and sweet. The texture is super light compared to the Nivea Cream. It's easy to apply, as it's really really mosturizing your skin becomes super softy!!! and I absolutely love it ! I would highly recommend it ! To my mind the price is ... okay, it's around 27€ but I'm well aware that it can be pricey for some of you guys and again the Nivea Cream is a good alternative, indeed I got a pack of 3 for only 5,70€ ! yeah yeah yeah !

Muah ! xx

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