Friday, June 28, 2013

Bloglovin' ?

 Just a little message to keep myself updated with the world ! You can now follow me on Bloglovin' !

I don't know exactly how to use it, but I'm gonna check this new thing... Maybe I'll tell you more about it later but at the moment I'm just discovering it :D

How are you doing girls ?  did you purchase anything while shopping ? tell me, I'm so curious !!

Today's Random Thing :
"Lait Magique Démaquillant"

It's a cleansing milk for face and eyes by Dior.
Why do I love it that much ?
First of all it works perfectly. Everything is cleaned up in a split second, even the mascara ! It's "magic" as it is said in the name ! It's really incredible.
Then, second thing, this product smells so good, the smell is really sweet, no strong fragrance, perfect.
Now, you should remember all this advantages and leave the one and only drawback behind as we all don't know the exact risks of paraben. It contains 4 types of paraben in this product but to my mind, if you care about the ingredients of the products you use, it's no big deal if a couple of them are with paraben as long as they don't ALL contain paraben.
Another thing : I don't think you can find this cleanser anymore but it was a little bit less than 30€... I know it's expensive but you know, it's Dior. I'm trying other face cleanser at the moment, I should post a review soon.

Anna x

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Sales !

 Hey there !!! Yesterday was the first day of the summer sales ! At least in France because I don't know if the dates are the same in the other countries (tell me in the comments what they are for your country if it's different... or not... hmm ok I'm lost). I bought a few things and I'm about to purchase a lot more so I was wondering if I actually should make a video of everything I got... What do you think ? Lemme know in the comments bellow (it rhymes ! haha)

 I also decided to have another Youtube channel where I wanted to put some funny videos, where I'll be doing challenges with my friends and stuffs like this. I hope you're gonna like that (crossing fingers) :)
 To sum this up, I have a channel related to this blog and another where I'll be doing fun things !
 The problem is I have no idea what I can do for my first video but anyway, I'll think of it... or you can give me some ideas ?

 Another thing I really want to share with you guys is all things Music related.
Music means a lot for me and I like discovering new songs ! So I want you to tell me what's your favorite brand or singer !! I already have lots of spicy stories to tell you about this item that's why I wish this is gonna work. I hope every single of you listen to music, otherwise you're not human alright ? :p I'm just joking but Music is life. Did it ever happen to you when a music reminds you of a part of your life ? Isn't it awesome ?  I think it can really help you for anything. When I'm sad, because it happens sometimes yes, I just listen to some songs and it helps me to go through this.

Last thing, it's been 20 days I started this blog, and I'm so happy you can't even imagine. I already got a lot of comments and a few followers, it may be not many but it really makes me smile because I fell like you're all very nice and supportive and I'd never thought I could have over 600 views on my page. So MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU ! and keep joining this site with GFC, it'll mean a lot for me, and especially it'll encourage me to do much more ! Comment as much as you want cause I read all of them, don't forget to put your blog with your message, I also check them all :)

Anna x

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My 18 Birthday

 Hello sweeties ! Yesterday I received the video of my 18 birthday yaaay !
I turned 18 the 7th of June, and I decided to spend this moment with only a few persons. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and this year, I chose to spend the money I got for my birthday to rent a limo and enjoy my birthday quietly. No big party or anything like that, just pure happiness you know. My cousin who's a video maker, accepted nicely to film it and I'm glad of it.
I hope you'll enjoy this video and make sure to give it a thumbs up :D

With Love,
Anna x

Monday, June 24, 2013

L'Occitane !

 Hello ! I'm back in the game today with... L'Occitane !!! For those who don't know what it is, here is a quick little presentation : L'Occitane en Provence is a french cosmetics brand created by Olivier Baussan. All the products (mainly beauty products and skin care) are based on essential oils, lavender, verbena and shea butter. 

 I really like this brand because the products are natural and they all smell so good ! This shea hand cream is one of the best sellers and it's really moisturizing, therefore if you have dry hands, this one is absolutely lovely to have ! You also have the choice on several scents : "Pivoine Flora", "Fleurs de Cerisier", "Fleur Chérie", "Lavender" and "Verbena".

 They often have many special offers so don't forget to check out your mails, letters or even on the site, it's written. I went in a L'Occitane shop not long ago, I bought hand creams and I got these super cute mini bags in which you have mini products.
In the first one, you have a shampoo, a conditioner, a shower gel and a body lotion. I didn't try them yet but there's one thing I can tell you : they smell SO good.
The second one contains a verbena shower gel, a shampoo, a body lotion, a foot cream and a hand cream. It's a collaboration with Elle that's why you can have a subscription to Elle for 9 issues of the magazine.
You can have the first one if you purchase more than 20€ and the second one more than 15€. If I remember the offer still lasts a few days, maybe until the end of the week, so you still have the chance to get one !

What do you think about L'Occitane ?
xoxo Anna.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What About Summer ?

  Hello girls ! I'm back today with an Outfit of The Day ! Even if it's Sunday, I decided to do my makeup, pick up some clothes, and go out, whereas I usually stay at home in my pyjamas.
Sunday. Family day right ? Last day of the weekend. Hopefully I'm on vacation and guess what ? I can do whatever I want to do ! Unfortunately the weather isn't that good... You may notice I'm not only wearing a top. The rain is our friend as you can see... that's why I was wearing a trench and took an umbrella :(

 I'll probably consider to list you all the stuffs. Yeah ? Maybe. Do you want me to ? Okay then... :p

Select Foundation NC20 by MAC + Studio Fix NC41 by MAC
Bronzer color "brun chaud" n°40 by Clarins
Mineralize blush "Dainty" by MAC
Highlighter "Lightscapade" Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC
Creme eyeshadow "Bare Study" paintpot by Mac as a base
"Virgin" and "Hald Baked" eyeshadows and "Dark Horse" for my eyebrows from the Naked palette by Urban Decay
Eyeliner "Blacktrack" fluidline by MAC
Mascara Zoom Fast "Black Lash" by MAC
Labello "Strawberry" to hydrate my lips first, then Lipstick "33 rouge pavot" by Yves Rocher

Trench : Claudie Pierlot
Top : Comptoir des Cotonniers (I love the back !)
Jean : Uniqlo
Shoes : Casteller

Earrings by Juicy Couture
Necklace by Agatha
Bracelets by Diwali
(I don't know where the ring comes from :S)
Nail polish "Fresh Melon" n°182 (hand) "Paris" n°3 (feet) by Mavala
Umbrella by Longchamp

Hope you enjoyed this look ! Tell me what you think, bye bye lovelies ! xx

PS : I wish the weather's gonna be warmer so I can share more things with you but anyway, we'll see what happens ! ;)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My First Nail Art

  Have you ever tried to make your own nail art ? I did. Well, I thought it was gonna be a disaster but actually I'm a bit surprised ! So here's what I did !
I decided to buy only Mavala nail polish because I used  to purchase OPI nail polish but I noticed that I won't finish them ever and it costs a lot more ! Around 13,50€ and not even 5€ for a Mavala one ! See the difference ? Nevertheless, there are some really pretty colors by OPI though. The quality is not bad for the price, I can assure you.

What I used :
- the first one on the top is a barby pink I'd say, beautiful. The color is "Toulouse"
- the second one is an inconspicuous pink called "Blush Pink"
- the last one is a melon orange, "Fresh Melon"

I'm gonna be posting my collection of Mavala's nail polish later so you can see that you can have many of these without spending a lot of money !

See you tomorrow ! xx

Friday, June 21, 2013

Goodbye Highschool !

 Hey everyone, I'm back !!!!! ... and still alive ! haha
It has been a harsh week, I didn't eat a lot, I didn't sleep enough, anyway, I'm now on vacatiooooon ! And today, Friday the 21st, is the Music Festival in Paris and I still don't know what I'm going to do... There are a lot of groups playing outside, in the streets, it's pretty cool therefore if you're in Paris, go and take a walk !

 Now I have to plan my summer vacation and I actually have no idea. I think I'll look for a job. Have you ever worked during summer ? If yes, what did you do ? Where ? Did you enjoy it ? Leave a comment bellow cause I really want to know !

 I usually go back to Shanghai but you know, sometimes you have to make choices, and this year, as I want to buy myself plenty of clothes, I gotta work ;)

My favorite brands : Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, I use to buy my clothes here.
Where are you going ? What are your favorite brands ? Lemme know !

 Oh ! and last thing, next Wednesday... you know what is it about ? SUMMER SALES !
I'll be updating my purchases so, be here ! :D

Random news : Instagram Videos are out now !

See ya xx

Sunday, June 16, 2013


 Hello everyone, I haven't been posting this week, and I'm sorry but the week coming is actually full of exams. I had to revise a lot. So, I wanted to share this with you because maybe some of you will sit exams too. You probably must be afraid or stressed but don't worry, if you did revise well, don't be scared, everything will be alright ! Nevertheless, if you didn't, you must right away : it'll just take you a few weeks time and it'll be over, so think about it. It's really important for your future. You need to have at least the A-Levels. This exam is called the 'baccalauréat' in french, it's the equivalent of the A-Levels or the high school diploma. Anyway, it's the graduation.

Here's the program :
- Monday 17th, 8:00am to 12:00am  Philosophy
- Tuesday 18th, 2:00pm to  5:30pm  Physics and Chemistry
- Wednesday 19th, 2:00pm to  5:00pm  German
- Thursday 20th, 8:00am to 12:00am Maths - 2:00pm to  4:00pm English
- Friday 21th, 2:00pm to  5:30pm Biology

Voilà !
I'll try to do my best, as long as I know that next friday, I'll be freeeee ! haha
After that, I'll begin to do something new for you. It's a surprise, stay tuned !

Anna x

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Four Seasons



How cute are the trees covered by the snow ? 
How beautiful is a pure white landscape ? 
I really like winter inasmuch as I stalk people's clothes. Okay, it sounds weird but I'm kind of obsessed by the winter coats, all the nice styles, the colors, the details, the furs... To my mind, it's probably one of the most interesting season in regard to fashion.

Everything seems to be so quiet. Listen to the musical silence and appreciate Winter !



Here comes the sun little by little. The weather begins to be mild then warmer and warmer, goodbye hot coats and big boots, tee-shirts and sandals are out ! I usually buy and wear silk tops in Spring when the weather isn't too cold or too warm. Indeed, you don't want to sweat in your colorful soft tops, do you ?



Sunny days, sunny days ! 
Take out your sunglasses and your bikini, and go to the beach !
Don't stay at home, spend your time outside, have fun with your friends !
Enjoy a little juice in the sun or an icecream in the street,
Cause simple things are just the best :D



Rain, rain go away !
I'm saying this but nowadays, the seasons are changing, it actually rains more in Spring than in Autumn (in Paris at least). Lemme tell you something : I hate the rain ! But there is an advantage though : the smell of the fresh air and the grass, am I weird ? 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Nature is needed, why do people distroy it ? We should norish nature like a baby. 
The good things about nature is the smell, the noises, the nests in the trees and the cute wonderful animals !
In the nature is beauty,
In the nature is peace.
There is more to be seen in the nature,
Everything is worth more than gold in the nature.

For my first post, I just wanted to let you know how important and beautiful nature is. I was with some friends, we were at Notre-Dame, just having fun with the birds this day. It was a few years ago and this reminds me of pure pleasure and serenity. We really enjoyed the moment ! Carpe Diem.

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