Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Sales !

 Hey there !!! Yesterday was the first day of the summer sales ! At least in France because I don't know if the dates are the same in the other countries (tell me in the comments what they are for your country if it's different... or not... hmm ok I'm lost). I bought a few things and I'm about to purchase a lot more so I was wondering if I actually should make a video of everything I got... What do you think ? Lemme know in the comments bellow (it rhymes ! haha)

 I also decided to have another Youtube channel where I wanted to put some funny videos, where I'll be doing challenges with my friends and stuffs like this. I hope you're gonna like that (crossing fingers) :)
 To sum this up, I have a channel related to this blog and another where I'll be doing fun things !
 The problem is I have no idea what I can do for my first video but anyway, I'll think of it... or you can give me some ideas ?

 Another thing I really want to share with you guys is all things Music related.
Music means a lot for me and I like discovering new songs ! So I want you to tell me what's your favorite brand or singer !! I already have lots of spicy stories to tell you about this item that's why I wish this is gonna work. I hope every single of you listen to music, otherwise you're not human alright ? :p I'm just joking but Music is life. Did it ever happen to you when a music reminds you of a part of your life ? Isn't it awesome ?  I think it can really help you for anything. When I'm sad, because it happens sometimes yes, I just listen to some songs and it helps me to go through this.

Last thing, it's been 20 days I started this blog, and I'm so happy you can't even imagine. I already got a lot of comments and a few followers, it may be not many but it really makes me smile because I fell like you're all very nice and supportive and I'd never thought I could have over 600 views on my page. So MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU ! and keep joining this site with GFC, it'll mean a lot for me, and especially it'll encourage me to do much more ! Comment as much as you want cause I read all of them, don't forget to put your blog with your message, I also check them all :)

Anna x


  1. I'm from the UK and our summer sales started yesterday too, walking through town trying to resist the urge to buy something was very difficult!
    You should definitely make a video :)

  2. Still waiting for summer sales here..... :(

    Don't miss today my Romantic outfit.....with an stunning Lace & Crêpe 2 pieces dress!.

    Kisses from - My Bloglovin


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