Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inside Out Project

 Hello everyone ! Not long ago, I was surfing on the internet and I saw that a friend of mine posted a picture. It was about a project. I decided to check this out. I had no idea what it was but thanks to Google, I found out that this project was lead by a certain JR. Have you ever heard about this guy ? Well, I haven't. I checked his website and stuffs. Then I discovered that he owns the world's biggest art gallery. Okay. I'm such an ignorant. haha. Anyway, I saw that the day after was the last day of the project in Paris. It was around midnight and I had to look for all the information even if I had to sleep early if I wanted to "do the project".

 The day after : I arrived, quite early. It began at 1pm but I was there at 9am. Yeah I'm kinda crazy... Last time I miss "La Tour Paris 13" exhibition. Well, it wasn't really an exhibition but it's a tower which was about to be destroyed and one guy decided to invite more than 100 artists all over the world so they can make whatever they want on the walls. It was a street-art project. The entrance was free but people had to wait 8 hours !!!! I wanted to go twice but I fastly gave up when I saw the queue...
So this time, I arrived way before the beginning. Then I met a couple persons. It was nice but very cold too, so we decided to switch and go for a little walk when we were cold.

 What's the point ? The project consists in taking a picture with an expressive face. Then the picture comes out of the little van and then you can stick it or should I say paste it on the walls or on the floor just next to us. The pic is quite big as it is almost 1,50 meter long.

#followmyadventures haha
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xx Anna

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  1. WOW!
    The first photo is so awesome!:)
    Lovely post!




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