Monday, November 25, 2013

Maison Georges Larnicol

 Hey guys, do you like chocolate ? I guess most of you do even if I've met some people who don't like that but anyway, let's ignore them cause they aren't normal haha

Born in Bretagne, the House Georges Larnicol remains faithful to its origins. Its whole production is realized in Melgven (South Finistère). After an atypical and artistic route, at the age of 30 Georges Larnicol follows the tracks of his father, at this time pastry cook.
Quimper marks the beginning of the adventure of the confectioner and chocolate maker Georges Larnicol with the opening of the first pastry in the 80s.
Facing the success, the soft madness Larnicol fast spread though the Bretagne, then the big West and finally gain the heart of Paris with the opening of a shop Boulevard Saint Germain in December 2010.
 Since his title of Better Worker of France in 1993, Georges Larnicol can't stop surprising with his creativity and his skills about the materials he works with. His values are the ones of the homemade knowledge and the choice of the used raw materials, so that the products are accessible to the largest public possible. According to him, the quality must be shared by all.

Everything looks so yummy right ? Well I tried some things, especially chocolate obviously and I'm now in love with the balls (no it doesn't sound wierd). No matter what you take, if it's chocolate, go on ! 

Anna x


  1. Such a temptation I have now! I want to eat them all, my god :D

  2. looks yummy ! would you like to follow each other doll ? :) xx


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