Sunday, June 16, 2013


 Hello everyone, I haven't been posting this week, and I'm sorry but the week coming is actually full of exams. I had to revise a lot. So, I wanted to share this with you because maybe some of you will sit exams too. You probably must be afraid or stressed but don't worry, if you did revise well, don't be scared, everything will be alright ! Nevertheless, if you didn't, you must right away : it'll just take you a few weeks time and it'll be over, so think about it. It's really important for your future. You need to have at least the A-Levels. This exam is called the 'baccalauréat' in french, it's the equivalent of the A-Levels or the high school diploma. Anyway, it's the graduation.

Here's the program :
- Monday 17th, 8:00am to 12:00am  Philosophy
- Tuesday 18th, 2:00pm to  5:30pm  Physics and Chemistry
- Wednesday 19th, 2:00pm to  5:00pm  German
- Thursday 20th, 8:00am to 12:00am Maths - 2:00pm to  4:00pm English
- Friday 21th, 2:00pm to  5:30pm Biology

Voilà !
I'll try to do my best, as long as I know that next friday, I'll be freeeee ! haha
After that, I'll begin to do something new for you. It's a surprise, stay tuned !

Anna x


  1. Good luck in your exams. Hope it goes really well.

  2. Hello! It's first time I visit your blog in it's nice if we know each other. By the way Good luck for your exam and have a nice day :)

  3. great!!
    I visit your blog the first time))

    have a nice day!

    Angela Donava

  4. nice :)

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  5. good luck on your exams!


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