Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cheap Shoes

 Hey guys ! Here's a little story last year I went to vacations to visit East Europe and I found out that in my group, a chinese woman had a little shop just next to my place ! I knew this shop and I'd say that the world is waaay too little haha
Anyway since this journey I go to her shop sometimes and it's very very cheap. Last year, I bought a pair of red ballet shoe, they were incredibly comfortable, then I bought another pair in another model and in blue, this one hurt my feet but now they're also very comfy and the thing I bought is a pair of moccasin. I know it's weird because it looks like only old women wear these but actually I saw a young girl wearing an orange pair and I was like it looks pretty on her ! So I saw them in my friend's shop and I wanted the purple ones but guess what, no more my shoe size... okay... then I took the blue ones and I wore them a day and they were also very comfy so I decided to buy the same one in purple for my mom because she had my mom's size. And anyway, if they break I won't be sad or what, indeed one of these cost me 7€ so it's really really not a big deal. Here are they :


  1. I love loafers! These ones are really cute :)

  2. Those are so extremely cute! Also when I used unit converter it roughly goes to 9.50 NIce they look nice quality! I so wish I could check out this store!

    Stephanie Dong 360 Fashion +

  3. These are soo cute!! I wish I had some!!!


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