Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of August, End of Holidays, End of Summer

 Hello everyone, everything is coming to an end and yes, summer 2013 is about to end.
Hopefully this school year is gonna be very productive as I'm planning to start making Youtube videos. Nevertheless I have to wait until I get my schedule so I can organize everything. I already have a list of some ideas about what I'm going to film but if you have any ideas, just let me know because I'm doing it for myself but also for you so your opinion is very important for me as well ! It can be anything : make-up or hair tutorials, ootd, fotd, routines, what I wear for school, what I like or dislike, what I use for my skin, but also talking about several subjects like school, internet...

Have you planned new things for this upcoming school year ?

Goodbye August !

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