Monday, August 19, 2013

2 Days Abroad

 Hello girls ! So I went on the french coast in Normandy for 2 days. My dad drove about 3/4 hours starting from Paris, where I live. Let me tell you something : I hated car journeys but this time, it was okay. I used to fell sick in cars but I was with my family and we tried to make the time goes faster with my siblings by singing, laughing etc.
 Around midday, I ate a salad that I prepared in the morning. I often eat salads when the weather is quite hot, I don't know why, probably because it's not heavy at all.

 Once we arrived there, we recognized the place, indeed we already went here a couple years ago. We first went to the beach, there were a loooot of people ! It was very hot, the sun shone.
Then my dad drove us to several little cities on the coast. We stopped a foew times so we could enjoy the places.
Finally for dinner, we found a nice place in a city we know. We went to the first restaurant we saw. The restaurant was full of people ! As my brother's favorite dish is  mussels & chips, we order this but other things too. There was so many people that the service was very slow. The food was pretty okay but we didn't keep a good memory of this restaurant. We were pretty lucky because there was a table of 6, their dishes arrived something about 45min-1hour after us whereas they arrived before us !!
Last but not least, we saw fireworks for the 15th of August (national holiday in France).

 The next day, we were up very very early and we saw the sunrise, it was soooo beautiful !!! Then we found a market, it was super cute and everything was sooo cheap compared to Paris !! We bought some fruits, vegetables, flowers...
After a while, we decided to go to the beach again. We went in the water wit my lil bro, and I was so surprised to see... FISHES ! I was like "oh my gosh, look !!!" We followed them but unfortunately we lost them right away...
Then we played cards but suddenly it began to rain ! The rain was soooo cold !
At last, for dinner this day, we decided to go to the restaurant just next to the 1st one and guess what ? oh my gosh, it was soooo delicious and especially the mussels and the ice cream ! So give it a go if you go to Courseulles Sur Mer, it is called Bistrot de l'Europe, I definitely recommend this restaurant ! but be careful because they're always full !!! so try to go early if you want to eat there haha !

 Here is the couple days in pictures - Instagram missannatai


  1. gorgeous pics xx

  2. Beautiful pictures! Hope you had a great time!

    xx Karolina

  3. Des huîtres!! <3 J'adore la normandie!


  4. beautiful photos

  5. waow the view looks so amazing :)

  6. normandy looks gorgeous!

    1. Amazing photos!!!!!


  7. Very nice!!


  8. Your pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a great time :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  9. Beautiful pictures.


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